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"With complex products, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain the mark-to-market profit or loss status"-
S Mahalingam, ED & CFO, TCS

"The kind of hardsell I am seeing from foreign
banks is unbelievable"-Sunil O Khandelwal, Chief Financial officer, Alok Industries

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International CHINH INDIA FORUM on
To understand/explore and question national and international perspectives on financial Instruments and their respective benefits/threats/risks to economy and thereby assessing impact on common citizen, CHINH is organising an international forum on FOREX DERIVATIVES.

Papers/research/presentations from scholars, economists, educators, researchers, social activists and professionals are invited on
____FD v/s economy
____FD v/s common citizen
____FD v/s exporters/importers
____FD v/s role/interests of banks
____FD v/s role of regulatory bodies like world bank
____FD v/s role of national regulatory bodies
____FD v/s role of policy makers and Ministries of Finance & Commerce
____FD v/s safeguards against risks

Any compelling research/ facts and studies which may not be in the above said framework but would change the way people look at financial instruments and offer valuable insights would be welcome.

Submission by email to chinh_india@yahoo.co.in

+ Working title of your presentation/paper/research/documentation
+ A brief synopsis of your research
+ A detailed paper highlighting the specific points the presentation is going to highlight.
+ A profile of the entrant
+ Contact Address/ Email/ Tel

Last date for receiving the entries: 15th November 2009


A team of eminent researchers/ economists would be short listing the proposed presentations on the basis of synopsis and an outline. The selected presenters would be invited to New Delhi for International CHINH INDIA FORUM on Financial Instruments to be held in January 2010.