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Culture, Development and Education

1.A Xinecóloga (10 minutes)
Director: Alfonso Camarero, Spain

A gynecologist is working at her hospital as everyday. But the next patient.... is a boy! Naturally the gynecologist throw out the  joker. But he returns with the coordinator (the gynecologist' boss), who order the gynecologist that she must attend her (meaning the patient)! It's not a joke, it's a conspiracy! But the troubles of the gynecologist are just beggining.

2.The Heart Spoke (22 minutes)
Director: Hadrien Don Fayel, France

For the first thirty years of his life Jean Touzet explored various artistic fields, being  alternately an actor with Jean Vilar,  a pianist, a conductor, etc.When he was offered to give life to the Cannes Festival, he dealt with all the administrative issues in an artistic way. It is most likely thanks to that that he succeeded in making the Cannes Festival an outstanding event, an 'original creation'.

3.The Boot Cake (74 minutes)
Director: Kathryn Millard, Australia

Charlie Chaplin is a saint to earthquake survivors in a small desert town in India and they are throwing him a birthday party.  Australian filmmaker Kathryn Millard is taking the cake - a chocolate truffle sponge shaped like the Tramp's boot. Along the way, she seeks out some of the ghosts and reincarnations of Charlie Chaplin's Tramp. 

4.Alif (18 minutes)
Director: Kanika Gupta, India

Alif is a documentary on the art of Islamic Calligraphy. Shot in the small village of Mau, 120 Kilometres from Varanasi, the film take sits viewers into studio of a calligrapher who actually manages to make a living out of this art in today’s age.

5.To be There (10 minutes)
Director: Sharon Lenger, Israel

'The windows in Tel-Aviv are like vitrinesin which life are on displayand I, from a window to another Trying to capture another worldbefore it will pass me by'The film consists of brief glances at windows of residential apartments in Tel-Aviv, in an attempt to sniff a bit of life. To feel a bit at home.

6.Cracow - magic of a city (89 minutes)
Director: Gilbert Bruning ,Germany & Poland

The magic of a city consists of many little apparently not important components which are reflected in the people who live in this city. The film is a true fairy tale which is trying with the power of the performers in the movie and with the force of wonderful pictures to catch true feelings and emotions in this city. Cracow is for many people a very magical place. It is a place of miracles and of great secrets.

7.Compact Only (15 minutes)
Director: Pamela Green, U S A

Al's favorite Hawaiian food restaurant has stopped delivery in his area. With only one street separating him from his Chicken Katsu passion, Al has to think outside the box. He has the food delivered to his car in a trendy supermarket parking lot. But this will be no ordinarily meal, as Al experiences a world that makes the drama of an African watering hole look tame.

8.Radijojo Animations from FEZitty 2008 (10 minutes)
Director: Michael Schmacke, Germany

The best films from the Radijojo animation Workshop at FEZitty, the participating childrens city in Berlin!

9.My Sixteenth Summer (72 minutes)
Director: Savvy Lorestani, USA

Samir's summer is looking pretty bleak.  His spoiled sister is back from med school, his fresh off the boat parents get more foreign every day and it looks like he's about to lose the girl of his dreams...to his best friend. As Samir exchanges his adolescent woes for a look at the quarter-life, he starts to see that the other side of twenty isn't all its cracked up to be...And that maybe being sixteen isn't so bad.

10.The Sky was Angry (22 minutes)
Director: Sharif Abdunnur, Lebanon

'The Sky was Angry' a moving documentary about the real-life story of children who took refuge in a theater in Beirut and the drama therapist and others who helped them cope through the Israeli war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. 

11.Without Papers (12 minutes)
Director: Florencia Krochik, USA

'Without Papers'  chronicles the lives of two undocumented students attending college in America.

12.Talking Dead Silent Living (29 minutes)
Director: Maria Jose Ruiz Fenollera, Spain

Monica, a Spanish journalist, investigates Ziryab´s life, the great Iraqi musician born in 789 and visits a family of Arab musicians who claim to be descendent of his and that they can prove it. Monica, a woman without prejudices, finds a family where its members stop playing the lute at the age of 30 scared by a curse.

13.Gearing Up (27 minutes)
Director: Sheetal S Agarwal, India

'Gearing Up' is the story of four teenagers in the months leading up to the IIT entrance examination - considered by many as the most important in their lives. The documentary examines their motivations and ambitions, and asks fundamental questions regarding the nature of 'winning', 'losing', satisfaction and happiness in a materially competitive world.

14.When On The Road… (30 Seconds)
Director: Ankur Kapoor, India

This film is a short public service announcement on safety on roads.

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