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Ministry of External affairs,GOI

1.Amar Ache Jol (118 minutes)
Direction  :  Humayun Ahmed, Bangladesh
A retired  Inspector General of Police is moving for an excursion to a  forest along with his two daughter and wife. They are being accompanied  by Jamil – an almost Vagabond youngman, he who knows his family for a long time. Another photohgrapher Sabbir is also travelling with them.The deep love of Dilshad – the younger daughter of the Inspector General has started to be disclosed. It’s also disclosed that the elder daughter had affair with Jamil. One evening , Dilshad asked Sabbir to take one of her photograph. Was that snap taken? There lies in wait the story.

2. On the Wings of Dreams/ Swopnodanay (88 minutes)
Director: Golam Rabbany Biplob, Bangladesh
Mid-thirtees young man Fazlu who is not a physician but only a canvasser (paddler). One evening Fazlu returns home with a second-hand trouser with a number of pockets for his son Ratan. His wife finds some foreign currency notes in its pocket while she was washing the trouser. Greed and high ambitions begin to allure them. Centering these currency notes three of them start to dream and imagine. One after another their dormant desires and deceptions begin to creep up and that changes the relationships among them.

3.Ayna/ Miror (116 Minutes)
Director: Kabari Sarwar, Bangladesh
“ Kushum ” – is a story about a young girl whose face is burnt by acid by her jealous lover. With the help of a supporting husband and civil society the accused gets booked and Kushum is sent abraod for treatment by a group of activists for a face surgery. Life brings back smiles to her in the end.

4.Truth and Beyond (49.52 minutes)
Director: Ahmed Muztaba Zamal, Bangladesh
There are people in Bangladesh who are dedicated Muslims but don't accept religion as dogmatic or fundamental rather they view it as soft and malleable in connotation. They use religion rather as a bridge of love between man and his Creator and man to man. The film is an effort to portray the above facts through humble offering of this short film having painstakingly discerning and collecting facts and data traveling around a few districts of Bangladesh i.e. Kushtia, Chittagong, Sylhet, Manikgonj and Tangail.

 5.Forever Flows / Nirontor (135 minutes)
Director: Abu Sayeed, Bangladesh
Tithi¾ a young, good looking girl who has a middle class background. Her father is a blind person has no regular source of income and her two younger brothers are student. Tithi didn’t get any job for look after her family. Helpless Tithi got involve in dark life for survival but normally Muslin society doesn’t permit this profession.

6.AHA! (135 minutes)
Director: Enamul Karim Nirjhar, Bangladesh
A story with some people in a congested area of Dhaka city, capital of Bangladesh. Mr.Mallik is staying in his grandfather’s dwelling that is almost hundred years old, a palatial architecture. One day a stranger, soleman come to him. Confesses that he has killed some one and now wants to repent. He wanted to stay the rest of his life by working hard. And finally Mr. Mallik gives him shelter.

7.Daruchini Dip (118 Minutes )
Director: Tauquir Ahmed , Bangladesh
A couple of University students decide to go for a holiday in Saint Martin Island(Daruchini Dwip). All plans are in place but many obstacles crop up every now and then. Shubhro’s tycoon father will not allow him to go anywhere alone and Jori is being forced to marry an indecent opportunist. Daruchini Dwip is the story of all their dreams-a common dream to many individual. The last minute is an intense time that decides whether the team can actually board the train to reach their dream destination.

8.The Cycle / Ghani (109 minutes)
Director: Kazi Morshed (Bangladesh)
`The Cycle’ is a depiction of two brothers, their wives and two sons who eked out a living by working very hard on a hand-mill they owned. But the re-emergence of the old challenger Afsu, as tall as a mountain doesn’t it has a message for the new world? A new phenomenon in the Cycle–victory of good over evil?


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