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Woman and Child

1. Crescendo (14 minute)
Pierre Terrade (India)

Steph, a young mother, lives in precarious conditions with JB, her abusive boyfriend. How will she get out of this nightmare drifting her towards violence?

2. Missionary's Soul (18 minutes)
Veronique Belmar (UK)

James, a church minister is jealous of his wife, Lucy because of having more favor with others and with God than he; so he abuses her.  Lucy prays for help. Supernatural power intervenes:

3. The Hunters (17 minutes 5 seconds)
Jean Stawarz (USA)

The Hunters, excited to start his annual weekend hunting trip with the guys, Charlie stops to pick up his 14-year old son from his ex-wife’s house.  He’s annoyed to find Danni, his 12-year old daughter eagerly waiting to step in to take her ill brother's place on the trip. Although she realizes her dad doesn’t want to take her, Danni holds firm -- and wins.  The much anticipated trip goes downhill upon arrival at the camp when Charlie's scornful hunting buddies see that Danni is with Charlie, not her brother.    As the trip unfolds, Danni struggles to be accepted into the male-dominated world of hunting. 

5. Magda's Calling (8 minutes)
Brigid Maher (USA)

Magda Amer is a 'daiya' or caller for Islam in Cairo, Egypt.  She has is certified by al-Azhar in Egypt to teach Islam and teaches in several mosques in Cairo.  She is also a doctor and practices alternative medicine and owns a homeopathic shop in a suburb of Cairo.  In her shop, she teaches about 'prophetic medicine' or the medicine and nutrition practiced by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) which incorporates whole grains and aspects of macrobiotics.  She is a author of a number of books including, 'Rights and Tolerance in Islam' and 'The Secrets of Abolution.'  Magda works to educate other women about their rights within Islam

6. Still Life (17 minutes 57 seconds)
Jaehee Lee (South Korea & USA)


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