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Women and Child
1.Flying Lessons (14 minutes)
Director: Janet Grillo, U S A
JEANNE is awakened in the middle of the night by wailing.  As he has every night for three months, her Autistic teenage son, DYLAN, has woke in night terrors. She calms him down, gets him back to bed, and off to his day at school. In a moment of calm, she meets a gentle, kind guy at a dog park. But their spark is interrupted by a phone call from Dylan's school. He has had a violent outburst and needs to be picked up and brought home, immediately. In the driveway of their home, this stoic mother breaks down, realizes that her love alone can no longer sustain them....and then, in a surprising display of compassionate connection, his does.

2.Yanling's Oranges (19 minutes)
Director/Producer: Connie Yen, U S A
Yanling is a Chinese sojourner that had settled down in America and lives a comfortable life with her husband and young child, Difeng. One night, after telling a 'made up story' of her childhood, Yanling's comfortable ignorant life is shattered after overhearing a conversation her husband and his friends shared.  Time passes, and Yan is conflicted on how she should behave and act within her own home.

3.Ancestor Eyes (15 minutes)
Director: Kalani Queypo, U S A
After getting sick, a young Native American woman, Willa, returns to her mother's home where they both must come to terms with her illness. Willa's mother, who had been a long time 'shut in', begins venturing outside with her camcorder, taping the sunrise and mountains, bringing the outside world in to the bed ridden Willa. Pain turns into a source of inspiration, igniting her mother's gift for storytelling and ultimately paving a path of magical transformations.Gripping performances by Tantoo Cardinal (Dances With Wolves, Legends of the Fall) and Rulan Tangen (The New World) are beautifully complimented with rich visual images and an impressive original soundtrack.

4.Milagros (24 minutes)
Director: Kara Sachs, U S A
A young boy searches for his dead mother through Our Lady of Guadalupe, and through the purity of his heart heals an entire village.

5.In Control (5 minutes)
Director: Ana de Lara, Canada
A young boy resorts to his remote control in order to deal with the painful experience of domestic violence. In Control speaks volumes without the use of dialogue, allowing the viewer to share the voicelessness of the child; and in the silence, to witness the grace of imagination.

6.Priya (5 minutes)
Director: Shobhan Babu, India
A non- fiction storyabout a kindergarden Kid who feels that her emotions are orphans, even though she lives with her parents.

7.Eyes & Dreams (11 minutes)
Director: Deepak Gera, India
A little girl about 6 years old is very much fascinated by glass marbles (KANCHE), she dreams of marbles all the time. There is no place for such games and toys in today’s modern homes. While going to school she is tempted by jar of marbles in one shop and she use to look at the marble jar with great fascination.

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