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Nomadic Orchestra of the World

Nomadic Orchestra of the World was born to preserve, promote and transmit to the future generations as well as to raise the concerns of nomadic/gypsy communities in the world. This livelihood initiative conceived in the framework of Repositioning Local in Global, is termed as most innovative experiment of intercultural integration by artistic directors across the world.

The project aims to link five hundred nomadic musicians from 15 countries by year 2015.
The first step of this global endeavor is the linkage of Indian nomadic communities and Gypsy communities in Rome and Greece. The Jugalbandi performances of nomadic musicians, singers and composers at village festivals, city concerts & foreign tours have received a tremendous response from civil society.

The project has successfully linked nomadic musicians of different communities who never played together. Been with Ravanhatha  and Bapang with Kaon is another rare jugalbandi of nomadic instruments which has been made possible in NOW.

  National Performances
Dilli Haat, DTDC, Govt. of New Delhi
Gypsy Diaspora (Pondicherry) IGNCA, New Delhi,
ITPO, New Delhi,
International Performances
Ice & Fire Folk Festival, TRENTO
Sconfinado, SARZANA
LA Villa Ada , ROME

India Habitat Center, New Delhi,
CEMCA, Lucknow (UP)
IGMRS, Bhopal (MP)
40th IFFI 2009, Goa
CHAOS 2010, Ahmadabad
Rural Festivals in Haryana & Rajasthan

Folk Festival Palermo , SICILY
Mountain Festival, Cervara di ROMA

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